Migrating\Copying Custom Reports


If you need to migrate\copy custom reports from Cubit on one PC to another, or save a report into your system that a support technician has sent you, then this guide will help you do so.

Every custom report in Cubit is comprised of two files that will need to be copied.
They are an REPX and XML.

An example of the files and the folder path they reside in can be seen below:



Migrating\Copying Steps:

To migrate\copy reports from one PC to another, you would just need to follow these steps:

- On the PC you are migrating\copying from, navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports folder.
- Locate the reports you need. These should be listed by report name and so should be easy to spot.
- Copy the REPX and XML files for the report you need.
- Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports folder on the PC you are migrating\copying to.
- Paste the copied REPX and XML files into this location.

Once you have done this the reports should appear in the All Reports section when you are in a job in Cubit.

In the event of being provided REPX and XML files by a support technician however, you would just need to paste these files into the C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports folder.

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