Migrating\Copying Custom Reports


If you need to migrate\copy custom reports from Cubit Estimating on one PC to another, or save a report into your system that a support technician has sent you, then this guide will help you do so.

Custom reports files by default will be saved on your computers’ hard drive in the folder C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports\Reports.

Every custom report in Cubit Estimating is comprised of two files that will need to be copied.
They are a REPX and XML.

An example of the files and the folder path they reside in can be seen below:


 Migrating\Copying Steps:

To migrate\copy reports from one PC to another, you would just need to follow these steps:

- On the PC you are migrating\copying from, navigate to the following folder:


- Locate the reports you need. These should be listed by report name and so should be easy to spot.
- Copy the REPX and XML files for the report you need.
- Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports folder on the PC you are migrating\copying to.
- Paste the copied REPX and XML files into this location.

Once you have done this the reports should appear in the All Reports section when you are in a job in Cubit Estimating.

In the event of being provided REPX and XML files by a support technician, however, you would just need to paste these files into the C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports folder.

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