Import Global / Offsider Estimate Job from Excel / CSV File


Convert Excel file to CSV File

1. Open the file in Microsoft Excel and save it as a CSV file

2. Point to Save As and click Other Formats

Fig 1. Save As Other Formats


3. In the Save as type list, click CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv). Then click Save

Fig 2. Save as type list


4. A Microsoft Office Excel message may appear. Click OK

Fig 3. Microsoft Office Excel workbook alert


5. Another Microsoft Office Excel message should appear. Click Yes.  The file is now ready to be imported into your Global / Offsider Estimating software

Fig 4. Microsoft Office Excel CSV compatible alert


Import CSV into Global / Offsider:

1. Start your Global / Offsider Estimating software and click Create to create a new job and open the New Job to the Job Summary level

2. On the Tools menu, point to Exchange and then click Import Estimate

Fig 5. Tools > Exchange > Import Estimate


3. Click Convert Comma Separated Text File

Fig 6. Import Estimate option, Convert Comma Separated Text File


4. Click on Browse to locate the .CSV file to be imported, then click OK

5. Define Columns window will appear.

In this window, please define where the information from the CSV file will go in the Global/Offsider estimate

Fig 7. Define Column

Click on the Next button until meaningful text appears under the Details column

If the Details text can be mapped to a field in Global/Offsider, click the corresponding type under the Type column for that field

Fig 8. Eg Details column Description of Equipment can be mapped to 1-Description from the Type list

If the Trade column is un-selected, it will import the rows into the Trade Breakup level

Once mapping is complete, click Convert


6. Click on the Exit button when the Import Estimate window reappears


7. Click on OK on the Important - Please Note alert appears


Fig 9. Please Note alert



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