Global/Offsider Data Migration


Applies to: Global Estimating version 2019 and Offsider Estimating version 2019.

This article discusses the steps required to migrate centrally stored Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating job data to a new file server.

How to migrate data

Migrating can be broken into three stages: first, prepare the files, second copy files to the new server and third reconfigure the client mapped network drive.

  1. Make sure all users exit Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating.
  2. Delete all the *.lck files from the current server mapped drive.  (example K:\esw\*.lck) 
  3. Copy the ESW folder from the current file server to the new file server. The new servers destination folder MUST retain the same directory structure of the source file server.
  4. On the client computers, reconfigure the mapped network drive from the current server to the new server.  Usually, this involves changing the active directory setting which managers network drive mapping, for example, changing the Internet Protocol (IP) address to that of the new file server.
  5. You can now start Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating and continue working.

Should you continue to experience any problem after performing the above steps, Please Submit a Support Ticket

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