Global / Offsider / Cubit Estimating: Windows recognizing Buildsoft files as Adobe



If you find that your Global / Offsider Estimating, or Cubit Estimating backup Jobs are trying to be opened by another program, like adobe, this is because Windows has somehow associated the Estimating backup files with that application. 

The E0X / CBX backup files themselves will still work as normal, however double-clicking the files will cause your PC to try and open them on the application the files are associated with. 

You can correct this by doing the following: 

  1. Right-click on one of the affected E0X / CBX files and select Properties from the pop-up menu. 


Fig.1 Pop up menu

  1. Select the Change button next to where it says ‘Open With’.

Fig.2 Properties Window


  1. Select ES for Windows for Global / Offsider Estimating, Or Cubit as the program to associate the E0X / CBX files with, and then click the OK button.

Fig.3 Choose the program

  1. This will take you back to the main properties window where you can click the Apply and OK button to finalise the changes.

Once you have done this the Estimating backup files will be associated with its appropriate program. 



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