Plan Revision and Aligning


Plan Revision:

Plan Revisions allows you to import revised plans and compare the differences between the
plans. It makes viewing changes like walls, floor space or openings easy to do.

Adding a Revision:

To add a plan revision:
1. Click Add Revisions from the Plans ribbon.
2. In the Open window that appears, browse to the plan you want to use.
3. Select the plan.
4. Click Open.



Align Plan:

Sometimes you would see the plans are a bit off and not properly aligned above each other.

In such a case, you can use the Align Option to overlap the plans correctly.

1. In the Plans ribbon, click on the Align button.

2. Pick 2 Node points on the plan which is off.


3. Select 2 more points on the plan, where the first chosen Line needs to be moved to.

The Plan will now be aligned and overlapping with each other more accurately.


Finish Revision:

Once you have aligned the plans and the takeoffs are moved (if needed), you need to finalise the changes. Click on Finish Revision to save changes and complete revising.



Click on Yes to finish.



Move / Relocate Shapes on a Plan

How To Edit Existing Shapes

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  • The main restriction that you don't mention is the inability of Cubit to revise from one .dwg to another.

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  • Hello Mike,
    There is no restriction with revising DWG plans that we are aware of.
    Request you to share more information along with the sample plans to if are experiencing any such problems when revising.

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  • You mention to amend the takeoffs ( if needed), yet you have no instruction on how to do this.

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  • Hello Bernice,
    We have detailed the steps to edit the shapes in separate articles.
    I have now added references to those articles for your help. Please check.

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