Hardlock Driver Not Installed


If you are using a dongle and have installed Global Estimating, Offsider Estimating version 2014 or prior and get the error message Hardlock Driver Not Installed, its because the latest dongle driver has not been installed and Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating is unable to read the information from the dongle plugged into your computer.

This document contains information about the latest release of the dongle driver, including steps to upgrade the driver on your computer.

You can access the latest release for (Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 SP1, Windows 10 Version 1809) using this location

Click Here to Download the Dongle Driver Update

Installing the dongle drivers

1. Ensure the dongle is into plugged in the computer.
2. Browse to the windows folder where you downloaded the latest dongle driver and double-click    HASPUuserSetup.exe.
3. Accept the prompts to continue with the installation.
4. When the installation process has completed, restart your computer to finish the installation.
5. Right mouse clicks the Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating icon on the desktop, and select  Run as Administrator from the popup menu as shown in Fig.1


Fig 1. Popup menu

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