Result Types with Openings


Result Types in Cubit defines what result an Item uses from a Shape that is created during takeoff.
A Shape can have multiple Items drawing different results from it. You assign Result Types to Items from the Result column in the Item sheet. 

The following are result types which deduct openings from the total if a door or window opening is placed on the shape.

Length less openings:
Length less openings calculates the length of a line or shape, minus any openings that intersect.
It is useful for measuring skirting and useful for carpenters among others.

Vertical area less openings:
Vertical area less openings calculates the vertical area of a shape or line, taking out any
openings on that area space, such as doors or windows. It is used for getting specific wall areas
and used by painters, carpenters and many others.

Fig1. Result types

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  • Any progress on this item? I'm currently editing a job measured by a colleague, and having to go through all the opening window deductions and change them to doors because they all start at floor level.

  • The other option would be to create all floor start windows as Doors.

    And a third option would be for Buildsoft to abandon the distinction between doors and windows with the ability to determine the start height.

  • The latter option would be very useful if there was the auto recognition by Cubit of the door/window height being greater than the height of the wall it was being deducted from. An example being a dado brick wall of, say 900 high, with cladding above. Place a window that straddles both elements in this wall ends up with the whole window being deducted from each element, instead of being appropriately proportioned.

  • Not quite, Michael. It seems that doors are assumed to start at floor level (a not unreasonable assumption), but windows start above floor level. This means that doors will be deducted from a skirting, but windows won't, even if, on the drawing elevation, they are placed at floor level . Or is it possible to change the starting position of a window opening? I didn't find mention in the user manual.

  • And how do make sure a window opening ( that starts at floor level) is deducted from a Length less openings item, such as skirtings?

  • Hi Mike,

    Absolutely right, creating the windows as doors would also work around this issue.
    I do agree however that it would be good to be able to add in the windows and have the deductions taken from the shape as you are expecting.

    After my message to yourself on Monday, i raised this with out development team as discussed for development review.
    It is my hope that we see this changed in a future version of the software so that yourself, and other customers, can continue to work with the window openings without having to worry about the deductions.

  • Hi Mike,

    When you draw a shape in the Viewport with one of these options, and window or door opening that you add to the shape should be deducted correctly from that shape.
    This deduction should appear in calculation sheet under the appropriate shape.

  • Hi Mike,

    I have just ran a quick test on my end, and you are absolutely right.
    I will pass this along to our development team for review.
    Currently there is no option to change a starting height for for the window openings unfortunately, however this is something that might change in a future version.
    If using the lineal meter less openings result type you could manually add a line into the calculation sheet for the deduction, though i recognise this is not necessarily ideal.

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