Reusing existing shapes in a new item Follow

In Cubit you are able to reuse a shape you have previously drawn instead of taking the time to redraw the shape. You can "drag and drop" the shape you have previously drawn into the field where you wish to have the same shape.

1. In the Estimate pane, select the item you wish to copy the shape from.
2. Below the Estimate pane is the Calculation Sheet, you will see a list of shapes you have drawn for the item selected.
3. On the left hand side next to the shapes in the Calculation Sheet you will notice a little arrow.
4. Click on the arrow and hold the click down, if you have successfully grabbed the shape you will notice a black circle with a line through it replace your mouse cursor.
5. Drop the shape you are holding onto the item you wish to copy to.

If you have followed these step successfully you will notice that the shape you have copied will now appear in the new item.

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