How to Rename a drawn Shape


A Shape name can be modified at any time from the Viewport, Shapes Pane or Calculation Sheet.

To change the shape name for an existing Shape:

On the Viewport:

1. Open the plan with the shape.

2. In the "Viewport" right-click the Shape/s.

3. Click "Rename".

4. Enter a new name.

5. Click "OK".

Fig.1 Shape Name in Viewport

On the Shape pane:

1. Select the plan with the drawn shape.

2. Locate the Shape to be renamed, and press "<F2>" to edit the name.

Note: Editing the heading, will rename ALL shapes result types drawn with that shape.

Fig.2 Shape Name Heading in Shapes Pane 

3. You can also edit the Shape name for a specific Result type. Select the Shape, and press "<F2>" to edit the name.

Fig.3 Shape Name for a Specific Result Type

From the Calculation Sheet:

1. Select the item in the Estimate Sheet which contains the shape to be altered. 

2. Open its Calculation Sheet and locate the Shape name to be changed and press "<F2>" to edit.

Fig.4 Shape Name in a Calculation Sheet




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