Directory is controlled by other .Net file


Sometimes if you are Starting the Offsider or Global Estimating or are already working in the software, you may get an error message similar to below:

If this happens it means that there has been a build up of lock files in the software that will need to be removed before the software can work normally.
Lock files are created automatically in the software when ever a job, project list or price list is opened.

These lock files should be deleted when the Job, Project List or Price List is closed but can sometime be left behind for various reasons.

  • To resolve this issue ensure firstly check that your network configuration is correct:

    Go to the C:\ESW folder.
  • Run the file named bdecfg32.exe.
  • A new window will pop up. Select Paradox from the left hand side of the new window.
  • On the right hand side will be a set of parameters. The first line should read Net DIR. When you click in this line a small button with three dots will appear at the end of the line. Click the button and then browse to the location where the Buildsoft data is stored and select the PDOXUSRS.NET file. Once selected click Open.
  • Click on File and select Save.
  • Close the Window.

Once the above is confirmed, remove any lock files by doing the following:

  • Make sure all users have closed the Estimating software.
  • Browse to the network location where the Estimating Data is located. EG K:\ESW.Run a search for *.lck
  • Once the search has completed delete any .lck files that have shown up.

Once you have done this you will be able to use the Estimating software normally again.

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