'Server name not found in Digitizer.ini'


If you are running a Stand Alone version the either Global or Offsider Estimating, have just activated the BTOS module and are now getting a message saying 'Server name not found in Digitizer.ini', then you will need to install the SQL software as the BTOS data is stored in an SQL database.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- Open your Web Browser and type www.update.buildsoft.com.au into the address bar.
- Once the page opens up log into site with the Username: download and the Password: download
- On the left hand side of the page click on 'SQL2005 for BTOS'.
- The middle section of the page will now display two downloads. One for a 32bit system (SQL2005 32bit) and one for a 64bit system (SQL2005 64bit). Click on which ever download is appropriate for your system to download the files.
- Once the download is complete right click on the file and select Extract All from the popup menu. This will extract the files ready to install.
- Open up the folder that has been extracted, right click on the BTOSSQL2005.exe file and select 'Run As Administrator'.

This will begin the install process.
- When the install pops up you will be given two options, New Install or Update. Select New Install and click the Next button.
- The install will begin and when completed a message box will be displayed telling you that the installation is complete. Click the Close button to close this message box.

The SQL software will now be installed and you should be able to start your Global or Offsider Estimating software normally.

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