Changing the Shape Colour Settings for Cubit Estimating


Shape Colour mode gives you the ability to set the colour of your shapes to take off. You can continue to use the default mode which is Manual Colour to manually set or change colour as you draw a shape or you can use the Preset Colour mode to preset a colour by a Trade, or a Heading or an Item.

The Shape Colour mode for a job can be set in Cubit Estimating Options.

1. In the Job Manager window, click the Cubit Estimating application button.

2. Click Options.


Fig1. Cubit Estimating Options

3. Click the Viewport tab

4. Under the heading Takeoff, select either Manual or Preset.

Note: By default, the mode is set to Manual mode but you can change the shape colour mode from Cubit Estimating Options at any time during a Job. 


Fig2. Shape Colour Cubit Estimating Options

Colour Column

By default the new Colour column is hidden, but when you select Preset Colour new Jobs will open with the column displayed. You can enable the Colour column when using the preset Colour mode, by using the Column Chooser.

1. Right-click on the heading row of the Estimate, and select Column Chooser.

Fig3. Column Chooser

2. Locate Colour from the list and double-click to add the column to the sheet.

Fig4. Colour 

Colours can be assigned to Trades, Headings and Items in templates so you only need to assign colours once. The shape will be then drawn with the colour set in the colour column for that Item.

Fig5. Colour Column

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