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You can insert a logo to be printed to your Cubit Estimating reports.

For instructions on how to insert a logo into your Cubit Estimating reports, please click here.

Once a logo is inserted, you can adjust the size of the logo by doing the following:

1. Open a Cubit Estimating Job and click the Data tab from the menu bar.
2. Click the All Reports button from the Reports ribbon. 


Fig 1. All Reports

3. In the following window next to the Default header, click the '...' button. 


Fig 2. Default Header

4. In the Report headers, select the Report Header to be modified and click Customise.

Fig 3. Report headers

5. The Report Designer will open with the selected Report header.

6. Click the top section of the report. Adjusting the size of this section will alter the size of the logo on the report.

7. Hover your mouse over a node to have the double-headed arrow appear, click and hold and drag the mouse to adjust the size as needed.

Fig 4. Adjust the size of logo section

Note: You cannot have overlapping section/boxes in the report. If you do, the report will highlight it in red. You will need to adjust all sections to ensure there are no red section on the report.

Fig 5. Incorrect section size

8. To save and apply the changes you have made, click the arrow button underneath the Save button within the Report ribbon and click Save As.


Fig 6. Save / Save As the changes

9. Type in a new name for this header. E.g.: 'Test Header' then click Save.

Fig 7. Save a new header name

10. Close down the Report Designer window by clicking the x on the top right-hand side
11. You should be returned to the Report Header window and the new header you have created should be listed. Click Close.

12. To change the Default Header for all the Cubit Estimating reports, click on the arrow beside the Default header and select the header name you wish to use.

Fig 8. Change the Default header

Note: If you wish to only apply the changes to certain reports, on the Header column of the Reports window, and select from the drop-down list.

Fig 9. Change the header per report


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