Status 2, Status19 Error or HL_String Error


If you are experiencing the error Status 2, Status 19 or the HL_String, this is due to the Dongle driver not being read or is corrupt. It is a simple process of uninstalling the current driver and re-installing a new one.

There is a simple process for this with which is outlined below:

 1. Open up the Start Menu by clicking the Windows Start Button at the lower left corner of your screen.

2. Open up the Control Panel by clicking the option in the start menu.

3. Once the Control panel has loaded go ahead and open up Programs and Features option.

Once that has loaded there will be a list of all the programs installed on your computer.

4. Select the HASP Driver or Sentinel Runtime option from the list and once highlighted click the UnInstall button up the top. Once this has uninstalled you will need to restart your machine.

5. Once your machine has been restarted Please download one of the following Dongle Drivers depending on your Operating System:

Windows 7

Windows 8 and above

Once that has downloaded open up the folder to which you saved the download. Double click and run the Installer.

7. Once the installer has completed plug your dongle back into your computer, Right click the Estimating Icon and select Run as Administrator.

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