Create fail for window BDE configuration utility – IDAPI32.cfg


If you get a message saying 'create fail for window BDE configuration utility – IDAPI32.cfg' or similar When you try to start the Offsider or Global Estimating, then there is a Windows setting called Data Execution Prevention that is stopping Buildsoft from running.

To resolve this issue follow the instructions below:

- Click on the Windows Start Button.
- Right click on Computer and select Properties.
- Click on Advanced System Settings.
- In the Advanced tab click the Settings button in the Performance section.
- Click the Data Execution Prevention tab. You will most likely find that the the second option is selected (Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select).
- Click the Add button.
- Browse into the C:\ESW folder.
- Select ESW.EXE and click open.
- Click Add again.
- Click on the BDECFG32.EXE and click open.

- Digitizer.exe and apply.

Once you have done this the software should start correctly.

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