Duplicating a Shape In the Viewport


Cubit Estimating has the flexibility to duplicate existing shapes on the Plans. Duplicating Shapes saves a lot of time while measuring plans where a lot of layouts is the same.

To Duplicate a Shape:

1. On the Shapes pane, locate and select the Plan you currently working on.

Fig 1. Shape Pane 

2. From the Shape list, locate the shape you need to duplicate

3. Click and drag the shape from Shape window to any desired location on the Plan.

Fig 2. Drag Shape

Once you have done this the duplicate shape will appear in the Viewport. The Shapes pane will also display the duplicate Shape.



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  • Hi Michael,

    How to rotate this copied shape or create a mirror image?




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  • And does this mean that I can change the height of the duplicated shape (if it was a vertical area), leaving the original as was? For instance, Bed 4 walls are 2400 high, while Bed 3 are 2700 high?

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