Adding a Quote in Cubit Select


You can add a Quote to any Trade Package, and specify a Supplier, Contact and include a Lump Sum Total. 

You can add a Quote from the Trade Packages tab in a Job, from either the Quotes Summary or Comparison views. 


Adding a Quote

To add a Quote:

1. Click Add Quote from the Quotes tab within a Job.


Fig 1. Adding a Quote to a Trade Package Summary View


2. The Add Quote window will open. The only field you are required to enter is a Supplier name. As long as you have entered a Supplier name, you can create a Quote and enter in a lump sum total, or itemised costs later.

You can include additional details for a Quote, like Contact, Email, Mobile / Cell Number and Quote Total


Fig 2. Add Quote


If entering a Quote Total, you can choose how that lump sum gets applied to the Quote. By default Include All Items is selected, which will mark all Items as INCL. You can also Pro-rata from Estimate or Include All Items (Manual Total), which will show the value of all Items as spread from Cubit Estimating or the specific Supplier. 


Fig 3. Add Quote


3. Click Add and your Quote will be created. 


Things to know about adding Quotes 

  • You can add as many quotes as you want.
  • Each Trade Package can only have one Quote for each Supplier, but you can create an Adjustment Quote.
  • You can only create one Quote at a time. 
  • You can enter up to 24 characters for your Supplier name.
  • Your Supplier name will return to Cubit Estimating when you Receive your rates.


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