Global / Offsider Estimating Job Manager Window Oversized


Sometimes after installing Global or Offsider Estimating, the Job Manager screen can appear bigger than it should be.
This normally happens on systems where the Windows DPI settings (Scaling) is set to something other than the default setting.

Fig.1 Job Manager Oversized

If you are experiencing this, it can be corrected by following the below steps:

1. Browse to the C:\Windows folder.


Fig.2 Windows Folder

2. Open the Off.ini file

Fig.3 Off.ini File

3. Locate the 'DPI=', '96PixelsX=', and '96Pixelsy=’ lines.

Fig.4 Pixel Lines

Note: The figure 96 in front of the 'PixelsX\Y=' may be different depending on the PCs setup, however it should always match the 'DPI=' line.

4. Modify the ‘96PixelsX=' and '96PixelsY=’ lines to a smaller number until the Job Manager appears normal.

By default this should be:

    1. 96PixelsX=680
    2. 96PixelsY=540

5. Save the Off.ini file once the changes have been made.

After this has been completed, the Job Manger will appear correctly and not display any graphical glitches in the excess areas.


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