Selecting a Grouped View for Printing a Report or Exporting to Excel


Product Feature Availability: From Cubit version 8

If you have assigned Rate Codes to your Estimate, you can create Grouped Views within your Job.

For more information on how to create a Grouped View, click here.

Your Grouped Views will show your re-sorted Job and you can change the source of your Reports from the Estimate to a Grouped View.

To change the source of your Reports:

1. In the Data tab, click the down arrow on Select from the View ribbon.

2. Cubit Estimating will list all the Grouped Views you have created. Select the Grouped View you want to use for the Reports and Excel output.


Fig 1. Select Grouped View for reporting

The files generated from Cubit Reports or Export to Excel will now be based on the Grouped View you have selected.

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