Global / Offsider Estimating Shortcut Keys


Below are the list of Control and Function keys available in Global Estimating and Offsider Estimating. 

Control Shortcut Keys:

Ctrl+C    Copy Sing Cell \ Line
Ctrl+D    Set Home1 \ Item Heading
Ctrl+F    Select MTO1 Formula
Ctrl+J    Cost Control Lite
Ctrl+N    View Job Notes
Ctrl+O   View Order Notes
Ctrl+P    Invoke Scalex Pen
Ctrl+R    Recalculates All Levels
Ctrl+S    Recalculates Single Level
Ctrl+U    View User Destails
Ctrl+V    Paste Single
Ctrl+W    Invoke Calculator
Ctrl+X    Move Selected Lines
Ctrl+Home    Go To First Line
Ctrl+End    Go To Last Line


Function Shortcut Keys:

F1  Go Down A Level
Ctrl+F1 Open BTOS
Alt+F1 Go To Composite Rate Level
Shift+F1 N\A
F3 Edit A Cell
Ctrl+F3 Go To Line Number
Alt+F3 Select Item Heading
Shift+F3 N\A
F4 Copy Above Cell
Ctrl+F4 Close This Window
Alt+F4 Exit The Program
Shift+F4 Copy Down A Value
F5 Undo
Ctrl+F5 View List Of Formulas
Alt+F5 Set Or Remove INCL
Shift+F5 View Global Sheet
F6 Split Screen Mode
Ctrl+F6 N\A
Alt+F6 N\A
Shift+F6 View Job's Price List
F7 Copy Line(s)
Ctrl+F7 N\A
Alt+F7 N\A
Shift+F7 Copy Single Value
F8 Copy Single Value
Ctrl+F8 Spell Check
Alt+F8 N/A
Shift+F8 Copy Above Dimensions
F9 Go Down A Level
Ctrl+F9 Delete QTY \ Calc Sheet
Alt+F9 Go To Composite Rate Level
Shift+F9 Delete Rate \ Composite Rate
F10 Go Up A Level
Ctrl+F10 N\A
Alt+F10 N\A
Shift+F10 N\A
F11 Quick Copy From A Job
Ctrl+F11 N\A
Alt+F11 N\A
Shift+F11 Quick Copy From Price List
F12 View Q Code \ Select Q Code
Ctrl+F12 View R Codes
Alt+F12 N\A
Shift+F12 N\A


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