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Variations allow you to apply a change to an otherwise completed estimate. Variations are performed after an estimate is done, and a customer has agreed with the costs of the job. Each Variation can generate a report for a client’s signature to sign off on any changes to the Estimate.

Variations are Job-specific, and can only be set up exclusively in each job when needed. 

Enabling Variations

To build a set of variation items into your estimate, you will need to enable the Variations pane and the Variations column.

The Variations pane is hidden by default, to enable it click Variations in the Panes group on the View tab in the ribbon.

The Variations column is also hidden by default, to enable it right mouse click on the Description heading of your estimate and click Column Chooser. Double left mouse click Variations to enable the column.

Building Variation Codes

Your Variation Codes are built in your Variations pane. From here you can create new Variation Codes and Variation Containers.

A Variation Container allows you to create mutually exclusive Variations, whereby approving one item from that container, automatically rejects the others.

You can create a new Variation code by typing in the Description of the first blank item. A Code
is automatically created, but can be changed.

To create a set of mutually exclusive variation codes:

1. Create a container by selecting a blank line in the Variations pane.
2. Click Add Container.
3. Ensure the check box in Mutual column is marked if you wish the container to be
mutually exclusive.
4. Select the container and then click Add Item to add items in the container.

Inserting Variation Items

If your job is marked with a Status of Won, any item you add to your Estimate will be a Variation

To add a Variation item:

1. Click Add Variation Item in the Insert group of the Home tab.
2. Select the Variation code: drop-down menu, and select which code you wish to apply to
the item.
3. The Description, Status and Details will load as per your Variation Code.
4. Enter the Description you wish the Item in the Estimate to have.
5. Select where you want the Item to appear, by default Append is selected. Select if the item you are creating Is Heading or not.
6. Click Add.

Finalizing a Variation

To finalize a Variation, select a Status from the Variations Pane depending on whether you want to approve or reject the Variation.


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  • When creating a variation, how do you assign the correct ref code for the item. Cubit does not allow for multiple ref codes. eg, I am doing a variation after the job is won, and the client wants to add some extra electrical points and lights. Having already got these in the job assigned to their code, when doing the variation, it won't let you use the code you have already in the job for this item. Thoughts?

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  • Hello Bernice,
    If you are editing a existing Variation item you should just be able to update the Quantity to add addition electric points and lights. Please email to so that we can help up in more detail.

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