BIM Takeoff Module - Importing IFC Plans



Availability: Cubit Estimating Professional + BIM license only.

Importing IFC Plans

IFC plans can be imported into Cubit Estimating in a variety of ways. One is by doing the following:

1. Click the Insert button on the Viewport window.


Fig 1. Viewport Insert

The 3D model will then be displayed in the viewport.

Fig 2. Loaded IFC Plan

Shapes Panel

The Shapes panel will show all of the shapes available in the loaded IFC plan along with the other shapes drawn in the viewport for standard PDF or DWG plans.

The Shapes can be grouped with "by Type" (result type) or "By hierarchy" (Level) by selecting the option from the drop-down menu at the top of the panel.


Fig 3. Shapes Panel

Details Panel

Select the shape on the IFC plan to see the relevant display information Details Panel.
Sample of the shape information is shown below. 


Fig 4. Shapes Panel

Mapping Attributes 

The BIM Shapes from the imported IFC plan can have their shape attributes mapped to particular result types, at any time, or when the BIM Shapes are dragged onto the Estimate panel.
This allows the correct information to be displayed on the jobs Items in the Estimate panel.

Fig 5. Mapping Attributes

To set up the attribute mapping at any time, you can click the Result Type Mapping on the Plans tab of the toolbar, and then selecting the appropriate result type next to the BIM Shape names.

Fig 6. Setup mapping

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