Rounding difference after a group analysis


In Global or Offsider Estimating, after a Group Code analysis, the analysed job displays a Rounding Difference.

The amount would be out by large number due to one of following reasons:

Job has not been recalculated before the Job Analysis

Before running your group code Analysis, ensure to Recalculate All Sublevels of the job. 

1. Open the job to the Job Summary level

2. Click Tools  from the menu, then click Recalculate All Sublevels

Fig 1. Recalculate job before running an analysis


Rate Breakup Sheet has used the Round Up Final Rate feature

There could be large rounding difference, if the Round Up Final Rate has been selected in the Rate Breakup Sheet as shown below

Fig 2. Round Up Final Rate


Make sure that the Rate Breakup Sheet uses the Return Exact Rate (2dp) as shown below.

Fig 3. Return Exact Rate

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