Copying Ref Codes in Cubit Estimating


In Cubit Estimating 9 we have revised your interaction with the active cell section of the Formula Bar. We have created a quicker way for you to copy the reference of the selected cell to the clipboard.

To Copy Cell Reference

1. An icon now appears to the left of the active cell’s reference that indicates this area supports copying. In the example below, the full cell reference including the @ symbol is @ES.CB2.Qty.

Fig 1. Cell selection

2. A tooltip provides information that clicking will copy the Cell Reference of the active cell to the clipboard.

Fig 2. Cell selection Click to Copy

3. You can Left or Right-click in the highlighted area to copy the full reference of the active cell to the clipboard. A tooltip will appear to let you know that the reference has been copied.


Fig 3. Cell selection copy confirmation


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