Font Size In Cubit Estimating


There is no option for changing the font size in Cubit Estimating itself, however, it is possible to increase the size by altering the Windows scaling options.

Note: This is not recommended as it will not only change the size of items displaying in Cubit Estimating but everything on your PC. This may result in unforeseen problems while working in Cubit Estimating, or other programs.

If you are sure you wish to do this, then below are some instructions on changing the Windows scaling:

1. Right-click on the desktop background.

2. Select Display settings from the pop-up menu.

Fig 1. Pop Up Menu

3. Change the Scale and Layout to a higher setting than is currently set. Eg. If the current setting is 100%, then try 125%.

2._Display_Settings.JPGFig 2. Display Settings

Once you have done this you will see Windows change all the elements on your screen to appear larger.
This should also affect the size of Cubit Estimating.

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