Job Backup And Restore In Global And Offsider Estimating


If you need to Backup a Job that currently exists on your Job list in the Global or Offsider Estimating software, or Restore a Job from a backup previously taken, then you can do so by following the steps with this article.

Job Backup:

1. Highlight the Job you wish to backup on the Job list.

Fig. 1 Selected Job

2. Click the Backup button on the toolbar.

Toolbar.pngFig.2 Toolbar

3. Select Normal to backup the job with all information, or External to backup without price list references.  if you wish to exclude the items selected in the Backup Options.

Fig. 3 Backup Options

4. Select a location to backup the job by clicking the Browse button.

Fig.4 Backup Location

5. Click the Backup Button.

Once you have completed these steps the Job selected will be backed up to the location you selected in step four.

This Backup file will have the Job name with an E0X extension.
In the above example, the backup file would be TEST JOB 0002.E0X.

Job Restore:

1. Click the Restore button on the toolbar.

Toolbar.pngFig.1 Toobar

2. Select the location of the backup jobs using the Browse button.

3. Select the checkbox next to the job or jobs to be  restored.

Fig.2 Job Selection

4. Click the Restore button.

Once you have completed these steps, the selected jobs will be restored into your software, and will appear on the job list.


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  • why can I use the restore function

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  • cant

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  • Hello Ziyue, Please email to with more details about the problem you are experiencing with restoring job on Global or Offsider Estimating.

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