Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts in Cubit Estimating


Below is the list of Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts found in Cubit Estimating. These shortcuts can be used to complete actions within Cubit Estimating quickly. 


F1 Cubit Estimating Help
F10 Activates shortcut keys in the ribbon
Ctrl + C Copies selection
Ctrl + V Pastes selection
Ctrl + X Cuts selection




Ctrl + I Insert a new Item row above the selected row
Ctrl + Shift + I Add a new Item row at the end of the heading section
Insert Insert a new item row above the selected row
Ctrl + H Insert a new Heading above selected
Ctrl + Shift + H Add a new Heading at the end of the heading section
Ctrl + T Insert a new Trade before the current Trade
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl + Y Redo last undone action
Ctrl + > Indent the selected row
Ctrl + < Un-indent a selected row
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste with relative references
Delete Delete the selected Item, Heading or Trade
Backspace Clear the contents of the selected cell
F2 Edit selected cell
F4 Copy from the cell above (Calculation and Rate Sheet contents will be transferred)
Shift + F4 Copy from the cell above (Calculation and Rate Sheet contents will be transferred and referencing relationships will be copied relatively)
Ctrl + M Invokes the Edit Flag window



F9 Highlights the Calculation Sheet
Ctrl + Home Go to the first row of the Estimate
Ctrl + End Go to the last row of the Estimate
Ctrl + + Expand all Items, Heading and Trades
Ctrl + - Collapse all Items to show only Trades
Ctrl + 0 Expands any selected headings and collapses all others
Ctrl + F1 Hide/Show Ribbon
Ctrl + Up Go to the previous Trade
Ctrl + Down Go to the next Trade
* (Numpad) Expands the Headings and Subheading on a selected Item
- (Numpad) Collapse the selected heading
+ (NumPad) Expand the selected heading


Result Types

A Area
C Count
D Door Counts
E Exclude from total
L Length
N Note
V Volume
W Window Counts


Drawing Tools

Ctrl + 1 Selec Tool
Ctrl + 2 Polyline Tool
Ctrl + 3 Auto Select Tool
Ctrl + 4 Rectangle Tool
Ctrl + 5 Line Tool
Ctrl + 6 Count Tool
Ctrl + 7 Ruler Tool
J Close Shape
F7 Phantom Line
F8 Ortho Angle


Polyline Mouse 

Left Click Build up a Shape by clicking multiple points or corners on a Plan
Hold Left Button Creates an arc from the current line
Right Click Finishes a Shape



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