Exporting Cubit Estimating Reports


You can export, or email a Cubit Estimating report.
You can choose to export the report in one of the following formats:

  1. PDF
  2. HTML
  3. MHT
  4. RTF
  5. XLS
  6. XLSX
  7. CSV
  8. Text
  9. Image Files
    1. BMP
    2. GIF
    3. JPEG
    4. PNG
    5. TIFF
    6. EMF
    7. WMF

To export or email a report:

1. Select the report you wish to export. EG.Trade report.

2. In the Report preview, select Export To or E-Mail As from the export group on the toolbar.

Fig.1 Export Report

3. Select the format you wish to send or save the report as.

Fig.2 Export Format

4. Change the PDF Export Options as needed.

5. Click OK.

Fig.3 PDF Export Options

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