Verify Item Quanity before using SCP


Prior to using the Subcontractor Comparison module, we need to make sure the original job is not corrupted. To verify we need to make sure that the Item Quantities are correct. 

To Verify the Item Quantity:

1. Click Restore in the Job Manager window to restore the global job.

Fig 1. Job Manager

2. Browse to the location where the job is saved and click Restore.

 Fig 2. File Restore

3. Select the restored Job and click Backup.
4. In the backup options provided, tick Exclude Calc Sheets and then click Normal.

Note: You can skip the step to save the backup file to a folder.


Fig 3. Backup Estimates

 5. You will notice that a copy of the job with 1 at the end of the job name will be listed. Select the Original Job and click Open.

Fig 4. Job List

6.  Click to Recalculate all sublevels. 

Note: Depending on the size of the job, the recalculation may take a few minutes to complete. If the recalculation takes a really long time or if Global is not responding, this usually means that the job is corrupt. Email the job to to get it repaired.


Fig 5. Recalculate All Sublevels

 7. When the recalculation is complete, from the top toolbar, click on Print, Job and, then Compare Two Jobs.


Fig 6. Compare Two Jobs

8. In the following Job Compare option window, make sure to tick the D - Item Description,  Q- Quantity and untick all other options.

Fig 7. Job Compare Options

 9. You will be prompted to select the job to be compared with. Choose the job created in step 4.

Fig 8. Select Job

10. Click No to Recalculate all sublevels before printing.


Fig 9. Job List

11. Click OK in the following Print Options window to proceed and print the report.

Fig 10. Print Options

 12. A Job Compare report like below will be printed. In normal scenarios, the report will be empty with no discrepancy. In case there were any items printed, the data needs to be corrected first before starting SCP.

In the example shown below, there is a mismatch in quantity in trade 7, item row 25.

The job BuildsoftBOQ is showing the quantity as 67.00 m3 whereas in the job BuildsoftBOQ1 the quantity is 60.00 m3 and hence the difference in Totals.


Fig 11. Job Compare Report




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