How to load Code Files for Global / Offsider


If you have received a .DB and .MB file type of code files from another Global /Offsider user, use the following steps to assist you with loading it into your device.

To open a shared code file do the following:

1. Save the .DB and .MB files to the respective folder location in your local machine or in your network Global / Offsider data drive.

By default, code files are stored in the following location:

Q: C:\esw\Code-Q folder

Q2: C:\esw\Code-Q2 folder

R: C:\esw\Code-R folder

R2: C:\esw\Code-R2 folder

2. Open Global / Offsider and open a job to be coded.

3. From the Job Summary level, click File from the menu bar, then select either View Q Code File, View Q2 Code File, View R Code File or View R2 Code File depending which code file you want to use on the job.

Fig 1. View Code File

Alternatively, use the following shortcut keys to open the code file:

F12 View Q Code File

Shift + F12 View Q2 Code File

Ctrl + F12 View R Code File

Alt + F12 View R2 Code File 

4. The Code file window will open. Click Open.

5. Navigate to the folder location where you have saved the .MB and .DB code file

Fig 2. Line item

6. Select the .DB code file you wish to use and click Open.

The code file is now loaded into your job and is ready for use.

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