How to share Global / Offsider code files

Global / Offsider code files can be shared with other Global / Offsider users.

To do this, we would first verify what Code file is being used on a job and locate where these code files are stored in your device. We can then copy these code files and share them with another user.

Verify and locate the code file in use

1. Open Global / Offsider.

2. Open the coded Job from the Job Manager window.

3. From the Job Summary level, click File from the menu bar, then select either View Q Code File, View Q2 Code File, View R Code File or View R2 Code File depending which code file is used on the job.

Fig 1. View Code File

Alternatively, use the following shortcut keys to open the code file:

F12 View Q Code File

Shift + F12 View Q2 Code File

Ctrl + F12 View R Code File

Alt + F12 View R2 Code File 

4. The Code file window will open and display on the top left-hand side the name of the Code file in use. To view its file location, click Open.

Fig 2. View Code file name

Fig 3. View Code file location

5.  By default, code files are stored in the following location:

Q: C:\esw\Code-Q folder

Q2: C:\esw\Code-Q2 folder

R: C:\esw\Code-R folder

R2: C:\esw\Code-R2 folder

Take note the location of the code file to be shared.

6. Close all Global / Offsider estimating windows.

Share the code files

1. Open Windows File explorer and navigate to the code file location.

Fig 4. Open file location of the code files


2. Locate the code file name. Ensure that you have both the .DB and .MB of the same code file name and copy them to a storage location to be shared with another user or email them.

Fig 5. DB and MB file type

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