Assigning Price List In Material / Labour Mode Jobs


While it is not possible to assign a Price List to a Material Labour job, you can transfer information into the job from the Price List.
To do this the Price List must also be in Material Labour mode.

To convert a Price List to Material Labour mode, do the following:

1. Select the Price List tab on the Job Manager screen.

Fig.1 Price List Tab

2. Right click on the appropriate price list, and select Convert - To Material/Labour.

Fig.2 Convert Price List

This will create a copy of the price list in material labour mode that can use in the material labour jobs.

To then transfer information into the job from the price list, do the following:

1. Open the job you wish to transfer the information into.

2. Click the Price List button on the Insert section on the toolbar.

Price_List_Button.pngFig.3 Price List Button

3. Select the information in the price list you wish to transfer into the job.

4. Click the Insert button to insert the entire line into the job, or add rate to only transfer the rate into the job.

Insert_Info.pngFig.4 Insert From Price List

Once you have done this the selected information will be transferred into the job. You can repeat this process as required.

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