Assigning Price List In Material / Labour Mode Jobs


While a Job is in Material/Labour mode, you can transfer information into the Job from a Price List.

To do this the Price List must also be in Material/Labour mode.

To convert a Price List to Material/Labour mode, do the following:

1. Select the Price List tab on the Job Manager screen.


Fig.1 Price List Tab

2. Right-click on the appropriate Price List, and select Convert - To Material/Labour.


Fig.2 Convert Price List

This will create a copy of the Price List in material labour mode that can use in the material labour Jobs.

To then transfer information into the Job from the Price List, do the following:

1. Open the Job you wish to transfer the information into.

2. Click the Price List button on the Insert section on the toolbar.


Fig.3 Price List Button

3. Select the information in the Price List you wish to transfer into the Job.

4. Click the Insert button to insert the entire line into the Job, or add rate to only transfer the rate into the Job.

mceclip3.pngFig.4 Insert From Price List

Once you have done this the selected information will be transferred into the Job. You can repeat this process as required.

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  • Can you please help me to understand what Labour/Material mode is

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  • Hi Isiah,

    A Material/Labour Estimate displays divides your estimate into two sections, one for material
    costs and the other for labour costs.
    The material costs can be constructed with a Rate Sheet, however the Labour costs can only be built from the Estimate.

    I hope this helps to clear things up.
    I would also highly recommend having a look at the additional information about this in the users guide under Estimate Configuration on page 107.

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  • Thanks Micheal, Could you send me a link to that user guide
    Could you also take a screen shot example

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  • Hi Isiah,
    I cannot add a screenshot to this comment, however there is a screenshot of this in the guide for your reference.

    Below is a link you can use to download the guide for your reference.

    The guide is also available with in the software by clicking the question mark button in the top right hand corner of the software.

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  • Dear Michael
    I am in job of material & Labour mode in cubit 10 but wonder how to update the price list. i have follow the instruction of inserting price list or replaced and also did go to update job when i change price list, but still cannot see it update in job.
    So, I like to get some advice from you.

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  • One more thing regarding to Report, I like to see the Total of Labour and Total of Material at the summary. How can i do?

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  • Hi Hang,

    There could be a few reasons why the job is not updating with the new details from the price list.
    If you instructions you have used are from the article titled "Updating Job with the changes in the price list items", then the job should be able to update unless the link to the job has been broken somehow.
    We would need to take a look at the trouble more directly to try and determine the trouble here.

    In regards to the material and labour totals, these should already appear on the trade summary report, however, if this is not the case for you then we would need to take a look at what is happening for you.

    I would recommend raising a support ticket for any issues you may have so that we can look at the trouble in more depth with you.
    You can raise a support ticket by emailing up as

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