How to add a column to Custom Report


Custom Reports allow you to add a column to a report.

The following steps will show you how to add the Notes column into your Cubit Estimating reports.

Note: You will need to be using Cubit Estimating Professional or Cubit Estimating Enterprise edition to access Custom Reports in Cubit Estimating.

1. Start Cubit Estimating.

2. From the Job Manager window, open a Job.

3. In the Job window, select the Data tab and then click the All Reports button under the Reports section.

Fig 1. Reports ribbon

4. The following window will list all the available Cubit Estimating Reports. Select the report you wish to edit and click Customise.

Fig 2. Data Ribbon

5. The Report Designer will now open.

Fig 3. Report Designer

6. To avoid losing default Cubit Estimating reports, we recommend saving the report as a new report name. Click the down arrow under Save in the Report ribbon and select Save As...

Fig 4. Report Designer

7. Enter a name for the report in Report name: and click Save.

Fig 5. Report Designer

8. Right-click on the groupHeader column where you would like to insert Notes and select Insert, Cell.

Fig 6. Insert Cell

9. Repeat the same steps under  detail1.

Fig 7.New cells in the report

10. Add a column heading for Notes by replacing the cell name tableCell under the groupHeader.

Fig 8. New column heading

11. In the Report Explorer pane, click Field List and locate TradeNodes then Notes field. Click and drag the field Notes into the tableCell under detail1

Fig 9. Drag and drop Notes field

Fig 10. Add Notes to the report

12. Click Save to save changes to the report.

13. Click Print Preview to preview the report

Fig 11. Preview report changes

14. Close the Report Designer to return to the Reports window. The new custom report with Notes column is now available for you to use with any Cubit Estimating job.


Fig 12. Custom report listed in All Reports


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