Feature Availability: Cubit Estimating and above.

Flags feature will allow you to flag Headings and Items that require attention as you create your estimate.

  • Flags column exist in the Estimate, Calculation and Rate sheets.
  • A new Item Flags pane has been created so you can easily see and sort through your flagged items. The pane, allows you to quickly highlight a flagged item in the Estimate Sheet.
  • You can flag an item as Incomplete (Orange), Attention (Red), Review (Purple), Follow Up (Pink). You can also mark an item as Resolved to indicate the flag has been completed or you can Clear Flag.
  • Ctrl + M invokes the Edit Flag window which will allow you to change the status of the Flag and write a comment relating to the item's Flag.
  • There are some new shortcut tools within the Estimate Sheet that allow you to cycle through the flags in your job. The cycle order will start at the first flag in the estimate sheet and then cycle to that item's calculation or rate sheet if a flag exists there first, before moving to the next flagged Estimate Sheet item.

How To Access The Feature

Flags can be assigned through the Flag column

1. Open a Cubit Estimating job.

2. Right-click on the Description heading row and select Column Chooser.

Fig 1. Column Chooser

3. Locate Flag from the list and double-click to add the column. Alternatively, you can click and drag Flag to where you would like the column to be placed on the Estimate, Calculation, or Rate Sheet.

Fig 2. Flag

Using Flags

1. Click the cell in the Flag column of an item and the drop-down list will be displayed.

Fig 3. Flag selection

The available flags currently are:

Other options available:

  • in the Estimate sheet, indicates an item in the Calculation Sheet or Rate Sheet has been flagged.
  • Resolved which is not displayed as a flag.
  • Clear Flag which will clear the active flag of the item.
  • Advanced will open the Edit Flag window

The Edit Flag Window

The Edit Flag window which can also be accessed by pressing Ctrl + M while an item is selected in the Estimate sheet, Calculation sheet, or Rate Sheet, allows you to define the flag of the selected item, as well as add a comment for the flag.

1. Click the Flag down arrow to change the flag.

2. Type your comment in the Comment box.

3. Click Resolve or Save to apply the changes.

  • Resolve will set the item to be Resolved and save the comment.
  • Save will apply your changes.
  • Cancel will revert your changes.

Fig 4. Edit Flag

The Flags Pane

The Flags pane shows all of the flags used within the job. To access the Flags pane, click View from the menu bar and click Flags from the Panes ribbon.

Fig 5. Open Flags pane


Fig 6. Flags Pane


The Flag and Comment of each flag can be edited directly in the Flags pane.

The Go To Item button () will cause the item associated with the flag to be selected.

The Show Resolved Items toggle () will cause all items marked as Resolved to be displayed within the Flags pane.

The Restore Estimate Order button () will sort the flag items within the Flags pane into the following order:

  • Estimate sheet item
  • Rate Sheet Item
  • Calculation Sheet Item

That is, the rate sheet and calculation sheet item flags would be placed directly below the estimate sheet item flags


Using the following estimate sheet hierarchy with the assumption that all of the items have an item flag:

  • Estimate item 1
  • Calculation Item 1
  • Calculation Item 2
  • Rate item 1
  • Rate item 2
  • Estimate item 2
  • Estimate item 3

The item flags would be organised into the following arrangement:

  • Estimate item 1
  • Rate item 1
  • Rate item 2
  • Calculation Item 1
  • Calculation Item 2
  • Estimate item 2
  • Estimate item 3

Flag Cycling

Fig 7. Flags Pane

The Go to previous flagged item and Go to next flagged item buttons will allow the user to cycle through all flags within the estimate, calculation and rate sheet.

1. Click Go to previous flagged item button to locate the previous flagged item in the job.

Fig 8. Go to previous flagged item

2. Click Go to next flagged item button to locate the next flagged item in the job.

Fig 9. Go to next flagged item

The progression order will go from estimate sheet flag, to rate item flags inside the estimate item, to calculation item flags inside the estimate item, to the next estimate sheet flag, and so on.

Estimate sheet item flag

  • Rate sheet item flag
  • Calculation sheet item flag

Next Estimate sheet item flag

If no items are selected, the starting point will be the topmost estimate sheet item flag.

Appearance Options

Should you wish for the Flag icon to appear in front of the Description in your jobs, the Show Flag in first column is available from Cubit Estimating Options.

1. From the Job Manager window, click Cubit Estimating then the Options button.


Fig 10. Show Flag in first column option

Job Manager Screen

In the Job Manager window, the Flags section shows a summary count of how many flags are in the job.

Fig 11. Job Manager Flags summary

Job Flags Compatibility

Flags is compatible with:

  • Job Import / Export - Items that are ‘excluded from total’ are ignored.
  • Job Copy
  • Job Update
  • Referencing (Row reference ONLY)

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  • Is there a way to include flags in a report?

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  • The ability to print or export the flags list would be handy. I use the review flag for items I need to review onsite or with the client. If a list could be generated it could be sent to clients before a meeting. It would need to include a reference to the line item it was referring to, not just the note.

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  • Hi Jarrod. Thank you for your suggestion. I have found the ticket in our system for improving this functionality and will add your details to it.

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