Using the Ruler in Cubit Estimating


Availability: Version 9.1 and above

The Ruler tool allows users to create measurement lines on currently opened plans. Lines created with the ruler tool will not contribute towards any takeoff values. 

To use the Ruler tool

1. In the Home Ribbon under the drawing section, click on the Ruler button to select the tool.

Note: It is used very similarly to the polyline tool


Fig 1. Ruler tool button under the Drawing section

2. Click on the plan to start measuring, A-line will be created from the starting point to the current cursor location. Much like the polyline tool, single-clicking will create this line. The length of the line will be represented by a number displayed under the line.

3. Click on the plan again to end/complete the drawing of the ruler line.

The dimension of the line will be displayed next to the line like below.


Fig 2. Ruler tool in use

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