Export/Import a Cubit Estimating Price list


Price lists are used to simplify and organize pricing a job. Price Lists are created in the Job Manager and can be accessed from the Price List tab. Cubit Estimating standalone edition Price Lists are stored on the local computers hard drive, follow these steps to share a Price List.


Export a Price List

1. From the Price List tab of the Job Manager screen, select the price list you want to export.


Fig 1. Select Price List tab


2. Click the Export button to export the price list.


Fig 2. Export


3. You can choose the backup location where to save the exported price list file, click on the three (3) dots and browse to a location.


Fig 3. Browse Folder


4. A file using the price list name and an extension PLX will be created in the chosen location.


Fig 4. Price list file


Import a Price List

1. Select the Price List tab in the Job Manager screen.


Fig 5. Select Price List tab


2. Click the Import button.


Fig 6. Import


3. Browse the location which contains the price list file you want to import.

4. Select by ticketing the box next to the exported price list you want to import click Import.


Fig 7. Import price list


5. The imported price list will appear in the Price List tab ready to be used.

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