Understanding Totals in Cubit Select


This article will help understand the various Job Totals and Values when working with Cubit Select.

 Job Overview:

Job Overview is data relating to the job that is displayed in the top right corner across all pages of a job. It displays the Total, Difference, Closing Date and Percentage. 

Fig 1. Job Overview


Understanding values in Job Overview:

Job Overview Total is the running total of the job which combines what was picked and what was estimated. Hence, it is the sum of the Picked total of items and the Estimate total of Unpicked items.


  • When you send a job from Cubit to Cubit Select, Job Overview Total will display the Estimate total.

  • When you pick a Supplier for an item/ trade, Job Overview is now a running total made up of the Picked total for that item/ trade and Estimate total of all other items/ trades.

  • If you add an Adjustment in the Review page for the picked trade packages, Job Overview Total will include this Adjustment.

  • Job Overview Total is the Picked total for a job only when all items are picked. This is denoted by the Percentage in the circle displaying 100 %.

 Job Overview Difference is the difference between the Estimate Total and the Picked Total.

It shows how much you are making or losing, compared to your estimate. A positive difference means you are going over your estimate and a negative difference means you will be making this amount as compared to your estimate.


  • When you send a job from Cubit to Cubit Select, Job Overview Difference will always be 0.

  • If you add an Adjustment in the Review page for the picked trade packages, Job Overview Difference will include this Adjustment.

Job Overview Percentage is the percentage of the items in a job that have been picked.


  • This  is calculated from the number of picked items against the total number of items. For eg, if a job has 100 items and one item constitutes 90% of the job total, the Picked percentage is still 1%. 


Fig 2. Job Overview Total

Values in the Job Review page:

Picked Column Summary is the sum of the Picked totals for the job. This is different from the Job Overview Total as it does not include any Trade Package Adjustment that can be added on the Review page and also the Estimate of unpicked items. 

Total Column Summary is made up of Picked Totals and Trade Package Adjustments for all trade packages (on the Review page).


  • Total Column Summary is the Total of the job that will be received in Cubit.
  • Job Overview Total and the Total in Cubit are made up of a Picked total of items and Estimate total of Unpicked items.
  • Total Column Summary will match the Job Overview Total and Total in Cubit only when all items in the job are picked.
  • When a job is received into Cubit, the Trade Package Adjustment is prorated to the items. Hence, picked rate of an item in Cubit Select will be different from the picked rate of the item in Cubit.

Fig 3. Review


User Preferences

When you would like to consider the Estimate of Unpicked items to calculate Job Total, you can do so from the User Preferences option in the Profile dropdown. By checking this option you will be able to see the Estimate for Unpicked Trade Packages in the Total Column of the Review page.

It will be displayed in blue font.

Fig 4. User Preference

Totals when sending a Job to Cubit Select:

A Send Job to Cubit Select window displays the Estimate Total being sent to Cubit Select. This total does not include Markups to items in Cubit. 

Fig 5. Send Job to Cubit Select 


Cubit Markups are not sent to Cubit Select due to which the Estimate Total in Cubit will sometimes not match the Estimate total in the Send Job to Cubit Select window (Fig 5).

Markups for items will be applied when the picked rates are received back into Cubit.

Fig 5. Markups not sent to Cubit Select


Values on Update Cubit Select Job window

Estimate Total will display the current Estimate total of the job in Cubit. You will see this total on the Job Details page only until you have picked a Supplier for any of the items.

 Total Difference is the difference in the Estimate Total since the last time it was sent to Cubit Select and will be $0 if the Cubit job hasn’t changed. A positive difference means the Estimate total has increased and a negative difference means the estimate has gone down by that amount. 


Fig 6. Total Difference

Trade Packages will show the total Trades in the Job when there are no changes in the current job update being sent. It will also display the number of trade packages added or deleted in this update if any.


Fig 7. Job Update to Cubit Select 


Values on Receive Cubit Select Job window

 Picked will display the Picked total of the job in Cubit Select.

 Picked Difference is the difference between the current Picked Total and previous Picked Total if any.

 Total is the current Estimate of the job in Cubit. If you have already received Picked rates in Cubit, you can see the total when you click Hide Picked on the Cubit Select group of the Home tab in Cubit.


Fig 8. Receive Cubit Select Job

 Places where my Totals in Cubit and Cubit Select might not match:    

Product Design: 

  • Markups- Totals in Cubit and Cubit Select will not match when the Estimate in Cubit has markups for items (Fig 4).

  • Total Rounding (Estimate view)- Totals in Cubit and Cubit Select will not match if you are sending the Estimate view to Cubit Select and the Estimate headings have Total rounding.

  • Total Rounding (Grouped view)- If you have grouped the job and perform a Total rounding, the total in the Estimate view will be different from the total in the Grouped view. The Send job to Cubit Select window will display the total in the Grouped view (which is without the rounding).

  • Partially Picked Quotes- In the case of a partially picked trade package, the Total Column Summary will be different from the Job Overview Total. This will also occur if you have the option “Show Estimate Totals on Job Review page for Trade Packages if nothing is Picked” is turned on. This discrepancy occurs because in the Total Column Summary, only the Picked total and Adjustment contribute to the total and unpicked items are skipped whereas the Job Overview includes picked totals for items picked and Estimate totals for items that are unpicked.


  • There is an open bug: Where a Rate sheet item has markup and the job is grouped at the Rate sheet level, the total sent to Cubit Select is different from the Cubit total.

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