How to change volume depth in Cubit Estimating

After a volume takeoff has been drawn, its depth can be changed by doing the following:

When drawing a new shape:

1. Open a Cubit job.

2. Create a new Estimate item and set the Result type as Volume.

3. On the Viewport, open the plan for takeoff.

4. Ensure you have a Polyline selected from Home tab in the Shapes ribbon, to draw a shape.

Note: Make sure the plan is scaled.

Fig 1. Shapes tool for takeoff 

5. On the New task pane, under the heading New Shape, edit the Description to set a shape name and edit the Volume Depth (mm). 

Fig 2. New task

6. Draw a shape to create a volume with your specified depth.

To change the depth for an existing shape:

1. Locate the Volume item to be adjusted from the Estimate Sheet and open its Calculation Sheet.

2. On the Calculation Sheet, locate the specific shape to be adjusted and click to select

Fig 3. Shape on Calculation Sheet

3. On the Details pane for the shape, you can edit the Depth


Fig 4. Details Pane Depth





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