‘Cannot Match Version Number’ Error Message


Occasionally you may get a ‘Cannot Match version Number’ error message when opening your Global or Offsider Estimating program. This can occur for a number of reasons and generally occurs around computer permission issues or missing software files.

Fig 1. ‘Cannot Match Version Number’ error message

Windows Updates

Windows Updates can cause this error message, this also ties in with the ‘Could Not Authorise License Usage’ message. If large Windows updates have run, depending on your users permissions, sometimes this can ‘lock’ the license files for Global/Offsider. This can result in either the ‘Could Not Authorise License Usage’ or the ‘Cannot Match Version Number’ error message.

To resolve the error message, running the program as an administrator will generally resolve this issue. To do so right click on your Global/Offsider icon on your desktop and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Fig 2. Option menu after right clicking on your program icon

You then may be asked if you want the program to make changes on your computer.

Fig 3. User Access Control prompt when running program as an administrator.

Click Yes and you should find the program opens correctly.


After New Installation or upgrade

You can also get this error message after a new installation of the program or when you’ve just completed an upgrade. In this instance it’s most likely related to files not being able to access the location it’s trying to save it in or that some files themselves are damaged in someway.

Running the installer/upgrader again can resolve this issue as it replaces required files with clean versions from the installer/upgrader.


Missing Required Software/Damaged files

The current installations of Global and Offsider require the Microsoft .Net framework and certain versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for it to operate correctly.

During installation the program will prompt the user to install the correct version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and will notify users if the .Net framework isn’t installed or if it isn’t the correct version.

Fig 4. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installer prompt

If there are issues with the .Net installation/activation, we have an article that walks through the process for activating it on Windows machines. You can view this here; Activating .Net on your Windows Computer

If you are still getting the ‘Cannot Match Version Number’ error message after attempting the above, please contact the Buildsoft Support team who can further assist with your query by clicking on submit a request below.


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