The Job list Display Order


You can change the way the jobs are listed in the Job Manager window. 

Note: If you are on a Network version, you need to get all the other users to exit Global/Offsider before trying to sort. 

Fig 1. Job list

Click the Search button on the top toolbars → Sort → choose the order you would like to arrange the jobs.


Fig 2. Sort

 If you choose to sort By Name then the jobs are rearranged and listed in Alphabetical order like below.

Fig 3. Sort by Name

You can choose to sort the list in Ascending or Descending Order. By default ascending order is set. To sort in the descending order Click on Search → Sort → click on Reverse.


Fig 4. Sort by Name Reverse

 The jobs now listed in the reverse order of the names.

Fig 5. Job list in Reverse Order

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