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Editing Cubit Estimating report footers is done in a similar fashion to editing the main body of the reports.To start editing the report footer for your Cubit Estimating reports, do the following:

1. When you have a job open, click the Data tab on the toolbar.

Fig.1 Data Tab


2. Click the All Reports button.

3. Select the browse (…) button next to Default Footer.

Screenshot_2020-11-24_123012.jpgFig.2 Browse button

4. Click the customise button on the right hand side of the Report Footer box that appears.

Fig. 3 Customise Button

This will open the footer for editing.From here you will be able to modify the footer as required in a similar fashion to editing reports.

It is worth noting that this editing the headers is the same process, but selecting the browse button for the header rather than the footer at step three.

Below is a link to an article on our help center regarding how to modify Cubit Estimating reports.
How To Customise Reports In Cubit Estimating


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