RDP Server for Offsider and Global Estimating


There are various ways in which users can access ESW (Global/Offsider) via remote desktop. The ways in which you connect is dictated below;

Network License

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

When using a network environment you can setup a client machine, that has the client installed on it and make it available for users to remote into. This machine will only be a client which prevents users remoting directly into a server.


Fig 1. Remote Desktop Connection Window.


Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Similar to the above solution with a network license, you can setup RDP to the terminal server where users will remote into it and launch the program from there.


Published Terminal Server Application/Remote App/VPN

With a terminal server, applications can be published out to users machines, which they would open as a regular program, in the background these applications are connecting to the terminal server. Users can be connected via Virtual Network Protocol (VPN) to open these programs as if they were still in the office. 

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