Backing up and Restoring a Cubit Estimating Job while keeping the Cubit Select connection


This article will assist you with backing up and restoring a Cubit Estimating Job that is linked to Cubit Select so that you are able to retain the job links.

Import Group Codes

The most important step is to ensure that the group code used in the Job is exported from the originating device and imported to the next computer before importing the Cubit Estimating Job. You can access/export Group codes from the Job Manager window.


Fig 1. Group Codes

1. Export the code into a CSV file from the originating device.


Fig 2. Export Group Codes

2. Import the CSV file into Cubit Estimating on your second device.


Fig 3.Import Group Codes

Export the Cubit Estimating Job from the originating device

1. Export the Job and make sure Include Picked Rates is ticked.


Fig 4. Export Job

Import the Job into Cubit Estimating on your second device

When you import the Job into Cubit Estimating on your second device, you might get a prompt showing that this Job may already exist. Make sure to choose to replace the existing Job so that Job retains its unique ID.

Note: If you choose to Import as a new Job the link to Cubit Select won't be retained.


Fig 5. Import Job 

Connect Cubit Estimating to your Cubit Select account

Connect to Cubit Select by entering your Cubit Select account details in the Cubit Estimating Options window, in the Integrations Tab.



Fig 6.  Integrations  

Send Job to Cubit Select

Once everything is set up you are now ready to send the data to Cubit Select. Open the Job and click Send in the Cubit Select ribbon, to re-establish the link between the Jobs.

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