Preparing a Revit Project for Takeoff


This article will help you prepare your file for Cubit Estimating BIM takeoff if your project is created by Autodesk Revit. 

Export the project to an IFC file

You will need to export your Revit project to IFC file format to be used in Cubit Estimating.

To export an IFC file:

1. From the ribbon, click the application button, name File.

2. Click Export then  IFC

Fig 1. File Export menu

3. The Export IFC window will open.

4. From the File name field, click Browse.

5. Navigate to the folder you want to export the IFC file.

6. Enter a name for the IFC file, then click Save.

7. For Current selected setup, click Modify setup to customize the IFC setup options.

8. From the Modify Setup window, ensure Export Revit property sets and Export base quantities are checked from the Property Sets tab. (Additional instructions for these are provided below)

9. For Projects to export, check the projects that will be exported.

10. Click Export.

Fig 2. Export IFC window


Customise the IFC setup options

You will need to export the IFC file with Revit property sets and Base quantities, the two options form a more complete set of attributes for quantity takeoff. Keep every other setting as default.


  • Revit property sets:  Revit-specific property sets based on parameter groups including Dimensions attribute set that is useful for quantity takeoff.

  • Base quantities: Generated from model geometry to reflect actual physical quantity values, independent of measurement rules or methods. 

To export with the recommended property sets:

1. In the Modify Setup dialog, click Property Sets.

2. Under the Property Sets tab, the Export IFC common property sets option is checked by default.

3. Check the Export Revit property sets and Export base quantities options.

4. Click OK.

Fig 3. Modify Setup window Property Sets tab


Exporting Split Element Dimensions 

You can check Split Walls, Columns, Ducts by Level if you want to divide multi-level walls, columns, and ducts by level. Exporting once will make the split measurements available in the IFC via the Quantities attribute set, the Dimensions attribute set will maintain full measurements still, to get Dimensions attribute set split you can re-import the exported IFC file and then export again. 

Exporting an IFC file for Cubit Estimating requires well-organised building levels, Revit cuts the elements by the building storeys. The Building Storey parameter should be enabled for the levels that are expected to split the walls, columns, and ducts, and disabled for the rest of the levels.

To export with split walls, columns, and ducts:

1. Finish the Property Sets settings.

2. In the Modify Setup window, under the General tab, check the Split Walls, Columns, Ducts by Level option.

3. Click OKthen export the IFC file.

Fig 4. Modify Setup window 

4. Open the exported IFC file in Revit.

5. Save another IFC file using the same settings.

6. Use the later exported IFC file in Cubit Estimating.

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