Cubit Estimating Skins


Feature Availability: Cubit Estimating version 10 and above.

From Cubit Estimating 10, we have simplified the available skins. 

Cubit Estimating 10 lets you choose between 2 very curated skins, which are designed to give the best user experience. 

The two skins you can select from are Default and Designer Black.


To change your Cubit Estimating Skin:

1. Click the application button, it will be labelled Cubit Estimating in the top left of the ribbon.

2. Click Options from the application menu that opens.

3. The Cubit Estimating Options window will open. 

4. From the General tab, which will be selected when you open Cubit Estimating Options, click the dropdown arrow for the Skin field.

5. Click the skin you want to select, choosing between Default and Designer Black


TIP: You can change your skin at any time, from the Job Manager or from within a Job.


Fig 2. Changing skins from Cubit Estimating Options


If you are using a different skin in Cubit Estimating, when upgrading to Cubit Estimating 10, the Default skin will be set. 

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  • Hi Cubit,
    Would it be possible to consider changing the colour combination used on the default skin for price list referenced itemswithin a template. The orange on blue contrast is extremely difficult to read.

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  • Hi David. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll be sure to forward this to our Product Managers for further review for you.

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