Cubit Select Update - version


Cubit Select Release 

New Features & Improvements


The new Snapshots feature will assist you with tender variations and post-tender reviews, allowing you to better handle all changes made to your estimate and quotes during the tender process.

● You can manage changes to your quote comparisons by saving your quotes and associated notes at a given point in time.

● You can save multiple snapshots in one job, enabling you to save tender history.

Other Improvements

● We have improved the selection and data entry performance in the Quotes Comparison page.

● You will now have a better presentation of Picked quotes in the PDF Reports.

● We have added the Estimate total, Picked Total and Supplier Quote Total on the Trade row for Trade Summary Excel reports.


● Fixed an issue with data entry on the Quotes Comparison where sometimes only part of the entered rate or total was saved.

● Fixed an issue where you could not pick the Estimate from the Quotes Comparison page.

● Fixed an issue where acknowledge updates for a job did not clear the update icon against the name of the Trade package.

● Fixed an issue where the Save button on the Rename Job window could not be clicked to save the new name of the job.

● Fixed an issue where the Review page would sometimes not load for old jobs.

● Fixed some display issues on the dialogue on Quotes Summary and Quotes Comparison pages.

● Fixed a display issue which would appear when switching between Trade packages from the Trade list on the Quotes Comparison page.

● Fixed an issue with the dropdown options for Pro-rata from Estimate on the Replace dialogue.

● Fixed an issue where the Review due date was not displayed after the job was updated from Cubit Estimating.

● Fixed an issue where the Difference row on Quotes Comparison page was hidden for Trade packages that had only a few items.

● Fixed an issue where a 0 quantity item could sometimes have a total after the job had an update from Cubit Estimating.

● Fixed an issue where you would not be able to scroll down the list of Reports on a 4K display.

● Fixed an issue where you would sometimes be unable to select the Use Calculated Total option on some headings in a Supplier quote.

● Fixed an issue where there was a delay in displaying the Supplier names in the Add Quote window.


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