Export and Import Constants in Cubit Estimating


Feature Availability: Available from Cubit Estimating version 7

Constants can be saved in a CSV file and can be edited outside Cubit Estimating. You can also export the Constant file to be shared and Imported to another Cubit Estimating user.

You can export your Constants library from the Constants window.

1. From the Job Manager, click Constants from the Data group in the ribbon.


Fig 1. Constants from Job Manager

The Constants window will open.


Fig 2. Constants Table

2. Select a Constants group name from the left pane to be exported. Click Export.

3. Browse to the location on your computer you want to save your Constants library.

4. Type a Filename.

5. Click Save.


Fig 3. Export CSV

Importing Constants

You can import a Constants library from the Constants window.

1. From the Constants window, click Import.


Fig 4. Import Constants

2. Browse and select your Constant CSV file

3. Click Open.

The Constants will now be imported

Note: Duplicate Codes will be ignored.

4. Click Close.


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