Cubit Select Update - version


Buildsoft has released an update for Cubit Select on Sunday 14th of March 2021.


New Features

Documents and Invitations

The new Documents and Invitations feature will allow you to collaborate and communicate with Suppliers from Cubit Select to support the bidding workflow. You can now:

  • Upload and Manage Job Documents and Trade Package Documents
  • Send Invitations and follow-up email Messages to Suppliers
  • Manage the progress of invited Suppliers in the Trade Packages page

Import Supplier

You now have the advantage to bulk import and update your Suppliers and Contacts in Cubit Select from an Excel or CSV file.

Archive Supplier

You are now able to archive specific suppliers from your Supplier list to remove any duplicate listings that you do not need.



  • You can now Edit a Quote to change the Supplier name only, without affecting the quote details on the Quotes Comparison page.
  • You will see a New Version notification when a new version has been released. It includes a link to the Product Updates page on our website for you to subscribe.
  • You can now set the Time in addition to the Date for the Closing On and Review Due statuses from the Job Details page.
  • You can now use the Enter key to go to the next editable Supplier Rate or Total on the Quotes Comparison page.
  • You will now see a loading experience when you Add Quote and Edit Quote.



  • Fixed an issue that would not allow you to add a Comment for a Supplier Rate or Total on the Quotes Comparison page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Notes on the Review page would not correspond to the Trade Package when you pick or unpick a quote from the Review page.
  • Fixed an issue where Adjustment as a percentage of the Picked Total on the Review page was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue on  PDF and Excel Reports where the Picked rate was not displayed for 0 quantity items.
  • Fixed an issue with scroll for Contacts on the Supplier Details page.
  • Fixed an issue where the options in the Drop-Down Menus extended beyond the dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Closing and Review Due Date on the Details page did not update the Job Overview in real time.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Unpicked items was not displayed on the Trade Package list on the Quotes Summary and Quotes Comparison pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enter key from the Numpad on the keyboard could not be used to select the Add option on the Add Quote dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new Supplier quote would not display the ‘New’ label in the Add Quote dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the Document icon for Supplier documents on the Quotes Summary page would not be displayed sometimes after you restore a Snapshot.
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the Role field on the Add User and Edit User dialogs.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to acknowledge updates from Cubit Estimating at the Trade level on the Quotes Comparison page.
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