Cubit Estimating: Insert from Price List Cascade Options


There are a number of quick and easy options to select items from a Price List to copy across individual items, hierarchies or multiple trades. 

You may also, direct click the checkbox next to each item you want to bring into the job, to control how Cubit interprets your selection with the Cascade selection dropdown.

There are four possible values as outlined below which can be accessed from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the insert from price list window.



Use this to bring across whole Trades or all the items under headings. For every heading or trade you select, Cubit Estimating will bring across all of the items contained in that heading.



Use this option if you would like the headings of selected items to be brought into the new Job. This allows you to select only the items you want but still ensures the heading hierarchy you enter is carried across into the new Job without you having to explicitly select those headings.


Up and Down   

Both of the options applied together. All child Items will be brought into the Job and all heading hierarchies are maintained.



Only the rows that you have selected yourself will be brought into the Job.

Fig 1. Cascade Selection


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