Cubit Estimating: Managing Codes


Feature Availability: Cubit Estimating 2022, version 11 and later

As of Cubit Estimating version 2022, there is a new Grouping Codes window that you can access by clicking Manage Codes from within a Job. This consolidates Edit Columns and Code Groups windows into one.

Fig.1 Manage Codes

Now you can assign Codes to a Job by checking Assigned and edit Codes from the same window.
There is also a new toolbar to help you manage your Codes in the Grouping Codes window.

These include:

○ Insert Heading
○ Add Item
○ Insert Item
○ Delete

Fig.2 Grouping Codes

We’ve improved default column widths when adding Codes to a Job, so you can, by default, see more of your Descriptions. 

When you hover your mouse over a Code in the item sheet, a tooltip will show the Description of that Code.

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